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project #1



The Pennsylvania Medical Society was looking for a refresh to a folder they handed out to Physicians at the capital. I was charged with creating a more modern design piece that would catch the eye of the younger generation of medical professionals and students. Photoshoots (which I helped art direct) were held to include actual members throughout the piece.


I worked closely with a local printer to create a custom diecut piece that looked like a traditional patient folder. This eye-catching piece lead to the rebranding of the PAMED organization. I created a style guide using the fonts and colors from this folder that were utilized in all future promotional materials. The goal was to make the organization look fun yet powerful while also maintaining the past tradition of value they represented to Pennsylvania medical professionals.



The folder included a custom diecut pocket on the inside also that was photoshopped to look as if it was opening from a Dr.'s white coat pocket. When advocating at the capital, medical professionals would use these folders to hold all of the important materials for events. The piece was also used to promote PAMED and obtain new members. So, it needed to be visually impactful carrying the visual tone and show the value of joining the organization in a fun yet traditional way.

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