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Social media


the campaign

I have worked on a wide variety of social media campaigns for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, personal blogs, Dribble, and TicToc to a slightly lesser extent. This project was a Valentine's Day Campaign for a B2B wholesale company. In an effort to engage current clients and rack up sales with new clients, I worked closely with the marketing director and sales team to come up with a creative daily post on Instagram.


After creating this hand-drawn illustration of a heart, I vectorized the artwork, and used it throughout the promotion. This campaign also involved email blasts and printed material for our clients to utilize in their businesses to promote new product lines.

Illustration + Design

diverse Design

My social media design ranges from a large array of different industries. At The Pennsylvania Medical society, I created social media designs and infographics on a daily basis. Sometimes I use my illustration skills and at other times I have pieced together vector graphics from stock photo/illustration websites.

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