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UI/UX Design



project #1



The Penn State Schreyer Honor's College sought to revitalize their outdated website, aiming for a modern yet traditional design that aligned with the university's brand standards. Working closely with the developer in Adobe XD, I crafted a design that could be easily implemented. To accommodate the ever-changing content, the use of Lorem Ipsum was requested to maintain generic pages.


Embracing the Penn State Brand colors and fonts, I created distinct desktop and mobile versions, incorporating gradients, design elements, and interactive styles that established the Schreyer Honors College as a unique sub-brand within the broader Penn State University design system. Despite strict adherence to brand guidelines, I successfully crafted a website that stands on its own while remaining consistent with the overall Penn State look and feel.



The developer requested general template designs for one, two, and three-column pages, as well as a faculty contact page, interactive calendar page, and other various pages. Upon client approval, I provided the developer with downloadable components through XD's prototype links. Additionally, I developed a comprehensive design system and style guide, encompassing essential components, interactive elements, as well as font and color choices.

PS StyleGuide.png


In line with the style guide and Penn State Brand Guide, I also designed templates for additional media, such as PowerPoint, Word, and InDesign flyers. These templates maintain consistency with the overall brand, enabling seamless integration across various communication materials.

SITE Templates.png
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