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Inclusive Design

Design holds immense potency to empower and give voice to those who often go unnoticed with empathy-infused visual storytelling.


about me

Empathy-Infused Visual Storyteller

As an aspiring inclusive and equitable designer, I am fueled by an unwavering passion to uplift and advocate for the underrepresented. I believe that design holds immense potency to empower and give voice to those who often go unnoticed. With a strong focus on accessibility, I strive to create designs that cater to all individuals, ensuring their needs are met and their experiences are enhanced.

In my leadership style, I am dedicated to empowering and mentoring other designers and coworkers, fostering an environment where they can produce their best work and become the best versions of themselves. I believe in the power of collaboration and aim to create a supportive space that encourages growth and innovation.

Thriving in environments that prioritize empathy, the greater good, and mission-based approaches, I am driven by a deep commitment to equality and empathy. My goal is to challenge visual stereotypes, break barriers, and cultivate inclusivity and diversity across all facets of my work. If you share my vision, I would love to connect and collaborate with you to craft influential designs that propel social change, shatter barriers, and leave an indelible mark.





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