I have worked at a diverse amount of  companies and have had the opportunity to create a brand guide at a few of them. I have also adhered to a current brand guide at a multitude of companies. A few of these companies are:

  • The Pennsylvania State University

  • Motortrend Autoshows

  • Hershey Foods

  • Giant Food Stores

  • Jolly Rancher

I have also had the opportunity to create brand and style guides for a few companies. Two of these companies are:

  • Entrenue

  • The Pennsylvania Medical Society

I have also developed  style guides when I have designed logos for various startup companies while freelancing. You may view some of these logos on my logo portfolio page.​

Company focus

Entrenue, a small boutique wholesaler, needed a brand guide when I worked at this company as a senior graphic designer. The marketing manager and I developed a system that was adhered to for all of their collateral and promotional campaigns. This system included:

  • Color

  • Fonts

  • Image Treatment (print, digital,
    email blast, social media)

  • Logo Standards

  • Tone/Personality

  • Specific language/phrases

  • B2B Client List



The brand guide stemmed from a calendar that I designed and illustrated for the company. This calendar won